Flampeyeiry Diaz
Software Engineer specializing in VR,
Game Development, and Web Development
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This website is part of the portfolio made with ReactJS.
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VR Crane Training Simulator

2D survival game

2D witch shooter game

About Me

Flampeyeiry Diaz

Software Engineer

Hello there, my name is Flampeyeiry Diaz, a software engineer based in Boston, MA.

Since I was a kid, I was a fanatic of Blizzard and Nintendo video games which inspired me to make games just like they do with great art, UX, and stories. While I was living in the Dominican Republic, I was trying to learn how to make video games just from Meetups and youtube. I joined a Dominican community for game developers on Facebook, since we don’t have that industry in my country. I met a team to form a startup where we made a demo, Witchpires. At the end of 2017, I decided to move to the United State to find great opportunities to grow as a Software Engineer. I enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, MA to learn English. From there I joined Hack Diversity, which helped me with mentorship, coaching, networking, and led me to start my first internship in the USA at Carbon Black. In Spring 2020, I joined XR Terra, where I earned a certificate in the VR & AR developer program and through there I got my first job as a XR software engineer at BitReel.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Unity - XR and game development
  • NodeJS
  • XR - Extended Reality
  • ReactJS
  • AR - Augmented Reality
  • Ant-Design
  • VR - Virtual Reality
  • Redux
  • C# - For Unity
  • Axios
  • Heroku
  • JavaScript (ES6+)


  • November 2020


    1 year as a XR Software Engineer into a startup of Augmented Reality company that creates immersive 3D shopping experiences online using a web browser on any recent device, from anywhere.

  • June 2020

    XR Terra

    12-week AR VR Developer Program boot camp to learn Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development on Unity through project-based instruction and industry projects using XR Foundation.

  • June 2019

    VM WARE Carbon Black

    12-week internship as a Software Engineer into a Cyber Security company B2B based on cloud native endpoint protection.

  • January 2019


    8-month Hack.Diversity Fellowship, a career leadership and workforce development program, integrating Boston's innovation, corporate, civic, academic, and philanthropic pillars.

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